Is a relationship or family issue causing upset?

Are you struggling after suffering a loss in your life?

Has a sexual assault or abuse left you unable to cope?

Is depression, anxiety or stress ruining your life?



As a counsellor I work with people who present with many different issues – no two are the same and are very personal and unique, just like each client.  Some client issues I work with include these who are struggling with family issues or questioning a current relationships or moving on from one that has broken down.   I also have an extensive background working with both the families and survivors of sexual abuse/assault and voyeurism.  I help clients navigate through stress,  depression and anxiety which is prevalent in todays turbulent times.   I also offer a friendly space for these under the asexual umbrella to engage in counselling.

Relationships – we can struggle in all kinds of relationships. These with partners, friends, colleagues, family and parents.  A breakup or loss of a relationship can cause stress and upset and sometimes it can be hard to try to unravel the problems on your own.  So being able to talk and make sense of your feelings and emotions can help gain clarity and understanding.

Loss and grief – there are many types of loss and grief.   Along with bereavement and the loss of a loved one there is also loss and grief in other areas.  Grief can be from the breakdown in a romantic  relationship or friendship and even a family feud resulting in fractures in the dynamics and communication.   This losses are painful and traumatic, taking the time to recover from them can be hard on your own.   Being able to talk about the feelings or hurt and sadness can help you cope.

Sexual assault – a  survivor of a sexual assault (and the family of the victim) can find it very difficult to work through the many emotions and feelings that manifest from the assault  I am experienced in giving all clients (male and female) the space they need to work through these feelings and emotions – enabling them to can back some control in life.  Voyeurism is an often misunderstood sexual assault and crime which can have devastating effects on victims.  I have worked successfully with clients who’s lives have been emotionally and physically violated by voyeurism and the voyeur.

Depression, sadness and anxiety – can affect us at any time in our life and can be debilitating and lonely.   By having someone to understand and help unravel the negative thought patterns and feelings of hopelessness and despair can be life changing and freeing.  It can let you start to live life to the full again with better outlook and future.

Asexuality – I am a ace-friendly therapist who has experience working with clients identified under the asexual umbrella.   Do you want  a space where you can talk and be listened to in a respectful and non-judgemental way around any issues you may have in life?  I work with the person not the label.


We know that life, work and relationships are not always easy and if we are honest we all struggle at times.  Past events and trauma can play very heavy on our well being and mental/physical health.

Some times we need time,  compassion and understanding to get through the rough times – and do you know what – it’s OK.  

It can be difficult to know where to turn when talking to your family and friends is not enough or maybe it is not even an option, so that is where counselling comes in. 

By listening to you without judgement,  so that you are really being heard and understood is the start of your journey.  This will  help you work through the painful feelings you are struggling with enabling you to take back control of your life and move on.


Areas of expertise

  • Relationships
  • Sexual abuse and assault
  • Depression, sadness and anxiety
  • Sexuality and confusion
  • Bereavement
  • Self worth and belief
  • Abuse
  • Family Dynamics
  • Asexuality